During the Industrial Revolution the British garment industry was born in sweatshops known as Satanic Mills. Cheap imports ended the British garment trade and the Satanic Mills died.  That’s until now! The founders of this luxury handmade shirt brand went back to the beginning, but this time they started a revolution of their very own in style and quality. 

When introduced to the Satanic Mill luxury shirt brand my attention was immediately drawn to their strap line.. “we make our shirts all wrong”!  Jean Paul Gaultier springs to mind and I’m thinking what unique surprises do these fine gentleman’s shirts have in store for us.  As I learn more about the company I realise the strap line is all about quality.  Mass production in the Far East was not for them.  In their desire to guarantee quality they decided to take on the manufacturing themselves and in no place other than where the revolution started, the cosy town of Macclesfield, Cheshire.  They too went a step further with their obsession for quality and decided to source fabric from the finest weavers in Europe. The luxury stamp is now well and truly printed on these beautiful handmade pure cotton shirts and so production begins and the story is a huge success.

You only have to see them to know how much dedication has gone into this brand, there’s flamboyancy in every design, each shirt tells its own story.  All designs are fixated with colours and thankfully so, as this brand is all about bold brave patterns and creations that hold many unique surprises.  Gentlemen, if you love style and are individual enough to wear a shirt with a full on pattern these are certainly for you.  For those who want something more understated why not choose from an array of subtle pure plain cottons, although, in Satanic Mill style each has a hidden statement.  Hiding behind collars, cuffs and button fastenings are patterns that tell an interesting tale.  The themes are ingenious, for example, one design pays homage to the code of Human DNA another features the algorithm of Galileo’s theory of how the world is round.   

As for fit, its rare to find a shirt that everyone can wear, clever tailoring has achieved something between slim and classic. On wearing these shirts you soon realise style and quality are at the forefront.  Each one is truly individual, made for each client by hand.

 You won’t be disappointed!