The epitome of sartorial masculine elegance, the Derek Rose brand is an international favourite, spanning 50 countries around the globe with a presence in most of the world’s leading boutiques.

A family award winning business of three generations who, with great passion and drive, care enormously about quality, design and customer service, is unrivalled in luxury fine silks and cottons, producing the finest nightwear, loungewear and underwear.

Ranges are designed in house and handmade in England using only the finest fabrics and textiles. Silk garments are produced in very limited quantities and through hours of dedicated craftwork by highly skilled seamstresses in their Cheshire workshop.

Superfine threads, minimalist hemlines, superior streamlined fit and obsessive attention to detail encompasses their philosophy of ‘Smart Comfort’. Garments are lightweight, allow for movement, reign in supreme softness and whilst reliable and comfortable are contemporary and flattering. Exuding Cary Grant’s style, Derek Rose is classical yet stylish and completes the at home wardrobe.

The loungewear extends the label’s expertise making the possibilities for wear endless; range versatility means you can sleep in them, relax in them, go to the gym in them, or wear them outside with jeans for a casual, comfortable yet effortlessly stylish look. 

Farranoir offers a wide range of the Derek Rose collections to include underwear sartorial essentials such as the luxuriantly soft Jack and Lewis briefs and T-Shirts, classic Amalfi and Plaza Pyjama sets and contemporary sweat pants and hoodies. Stay warm and layer up this winter in style, with Derek Rose.