A massive congratulations goes to Colin Herridge, the winner of our recent FARRANOIR Competition.  We don’t have to say, ‘we hope you like them’, we absolutely know you will.  Enjoy wearing these amazing Di Bianco shoes and walk in them with pride!

At FARRANOIR we believe in giving our customers the right to choose from the best brands available.  Throughout the last month, with this at the forefront of our mind, we set up what is now referred in head office as ‘Competition Fever’. We have lived, breathed and digested our Scarpe di Bianco give away.  Entries were constantly pinging in and our e-commerce department was alive with frenetic activity…what great taste you all have.

We pride ourselves in the brands we carry, particularly the Di Bianco range.  It was apparent from the very start these superb Italian handmade shoes were going to spark a huge amount of interest.  Having been introduced to them a few years ago it made absolute sense to introduce them to our customers at FARRANOIR. 

This range is the epitome of quality with a clever design mix from classic to contemporary, the fusion between Italian and British craftsmanship is truly evident.  As for their exceptional quality, we are talking highest end of the Italian shoe industry.  Less than 15 pairs a day are produced at the factory in Southern Italy.  Our collaboration with the manufacturers to get Scarpe di Bianco to the UK has been a major cause for excitement, we do believe there’s little out there to compare.  They are pieces of art, hand crafted to perfection, comfortable to wear and get better with age.  

Scarpe di Bianco’s extensive range of designs will continue to define cool style for gents of all ages for centuries to come.